March 28, 2018

Kidrobot x Yummy World New Plush Releases Available Now!

Yummy World XL Plush

Now is the time! The great, the only, The Toy Viking is The phrase “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” would perfectly describe Kidrobot’s Casey Confetti Yummy World birthday cake.  You can certainly have it, as it is available today, but we would strongly advise against eating it.  For one, it’s made of plush, which contains absolutely no nutritional value.  And secondly look how cute it is!  This birthday cake is certainly a friend and not food.  He also lights up which means that the festivities don’t have to end when it gets dark.

Jeni and the Jellybeans may sound like a band that toddlers would go crazy for, but thankfully they’re just adorable plush.  This big bag of sugary goodness is filled with scented beans that are a complete cuteness overload.  Having these around will probably force you to go on a candy run, but there’s worse things you could be doing than indulging your sweet tooth.  Like eating vegetables for instance.  Yuck.


Yummy World XL Plush

Both are available right now by visiting

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