April 04, 2019

Kidrobot x Frank Kozik Labbiter XK-5 Art Figure

Kidrobot x Frank Kozik Labbiter XK-5 Labbit Art Figure
Kidrobot x Frank Kozik Labbiter XK-5 Art Figure

By Chris Holt, aka The Toy Viking:

After years in production, designer vinyl toy overlords Frank Kozik and Kidrobot are poised to put the military industrial complex on notice with the Labbiter XK-5. What does the XK stand for? How about “Xtra Kill”, because this mechanized and weaponized and yet to be fully legalized Labbit is no mere carnival ride.

Some over zealous space monster thinks it’s gonna land here, step on our scenic architecture, and drive our insurance premiums up? Not on our watch, as the Labbiter can be deployed in a matter of minutes to keep loss of property and life at a minimum while ensuring everyone in a 200 mile radius knows what the smell of roasted bad guy smells like. It ain’t like chicken, I can assure you. 

Each Labbiter stands eight inches tall and comes with eight interchangeable hands, which last time I checked is six more hands than I happen to have. This offers nearly endlesss display options to maximize your social media photo potential.

And you think we wouldn’t create an army of these? Of course we would, as the Earth is a big place and just one gigantic Labbit fighting robot would never be enough to defend the whole thing.

The Wasp colorway is limited to 300 pieces and will be available on Kidrobot.com and at your favorite retailers at 10am MST on Friday, April 5th 2019. The completely chromed-out Kidrobot exclusive is limited to 100 pieces.

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