February 15, 2019

Kidrobot x Clutter Kaiju Dunny Battle Mini Series Online Now!

Kidrobot x Clutter Kaiju Dunny Battle Min Series

We all know monsters exist. They might not always take the shape thats in movies and under your bed, but they are there and now they are in vinyl. Here to say a little something extra about the new Kidrobot x Clutter Kaiju Dunny Battle Mini Series is our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking….

    If someone were to ask my what my wishlist would be for toy artists that have yet to have their own Dunnys, it would look a whole lot like the ones collected here. Kidrobot and Clutter Magazine have teamed up to celebrate American monster makers with the brand new Kaiju Dunny Battle series. Featuring the art of Jeff Lamm, James Growman, Bwana Spoons, Candie Bolton, Rampage Toys, and Chauskosis, these figures take the familiar form you all know and mash it up with a heavy Japanese monster influence. Also, a few of them have serpents as arms, which I have confirmed through much research would be really awkward for giving high fives. Snake concussions are serious business.
     While most of these guys are fairly cute, we have to keep in mind that they could swim up from the bottom of the ocean at any time and wipe out one of our major sea side metropolises just for fun. People usually focus on the positives of living in a coastal city; you have quick and easy access to the beach, you can go boating or fishing or any of the other activities that involve the water. Real estate agents will sell you on the majestic views, but they never tell you about the inherent dangers of kaiju attack. Think about it: all of the most famous giant monsters from movies and literature rise from the deep before laying waste to the first places they come upon. Your beach house may not succumb to global warming in your lifetime, but kaiju can appear without warning and leave everything you love as a mere stain on the bottom of their reptilian feet. Time to load up your covered wagons and move inland, my friends. 
     Like their moments of attack, each figure is a surprise as they are sold blind box style. Buy em, trade em, and learn their weaknesses so we have a fighting chance at defeating em. They’re available now at www.kidrobot.com


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