July 24, 2018

Kidrobot x Chia Dunny by Jeremyville Available Online Now!

Kidrobot x Chia Dunny by Jeremyville

Scientists say that turning parking lots into small gardens or areas of growth can have an effect on mental health. We want you to be able to grow a little love in your life where ever you go starting with the Kidrobot x Chia by arist Jeremyville. To speak a little bit about what the initial reaction to this Dunny is – Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking.

Finally, Kidrobot has solved the problem for all of you nude gardeners out there who are tired of having the police called on you the moment you step out on your porch.  Can’t a man tend to his vegetables and take full advantage of the sun’s beneficial rays without fear of prosecution?  It’s bad enough that a chipmunk keeps trying to nibble the wrong cucumber, which is really not the most fun reason to end up at the emergency room, let me tell you.

The solution for your gardening woes comes courtesy of Let Love Grow five inch Dunny from Jeremyville and Chia.  Yep, Chia as in Chia Pet which has been helping you get botanical in your home since forever with their off the wall planters.  This Dunny can grow a sweet mane of green just from you applying the seeds, adding water, and letting nature do its thing.  And best of all, it grows in the comfort of your own home, away from the judgmental eyes of prudish neighbors and sharpened teeth of adorable rodents.

It’s the first ever living Dunny, infused with the wonderment of the natural world and the feel good characteristics of Jeremyville’s famous design aesthetic.  Get one for home, get one for the office, and get one for that person that needs an extra boost of happiness in their day.

Kidrobot x Chia Dunny by Jeremyville


This Dunny is available online now at www.kidrobot.com.  Pants are optional.

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