February 14, 2019

Kidrobot Throwback Thursday: Cash Wolf 5″ Dunny

Kidrobot x Cash Wolf Dunny 5"

Happy Valentines Day! Let’s talk a little bit about the coolest cat to spend your Valentines day with… Cash Wolf. Here to say a little something extra about this fat cat is our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking.

    If money is the root of all evil, then Cash Wolf Dunny is a flowering tree with blooms that are always a particular shade of green. Kidrobot’s own Josh Divine is the man responsible for creating this character, whose love for that paper knows no bounds. I have one in my collection and thus far he refuses to share his secret money making schemes with me unless I give him access to my bank account. Wait a second… 
     This 5 inch Dunny can be had just in time to help you invest your tax refund. Pick one up now at www.kidrobot.com

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