July 21, 2017

BFF Mini Series 4 by Travis Cain Available Now!

Best friends are hard to come by… luckily we are Kidrobot and we’ve got a lot of awesome people involved in everything we do. Thats why we are lucky enough to have people like Chris Holt aka the Toy Viking who is here to tell you a little more about the new BFF Mini Series 4 that released today on www.kidrobot.com!

   Kidrobot knows having a bestie takes work and sometimes the results end up downright scary. And if you needed any proof that relationships are hard all you have to do is turn the tv on during the week.  There are entire reality programs dedicated to best friends where one or both are just toxic for one another.  One never pays for the cell phone the other one helped them get, or one of them allows their reptile collection to roam free in the apartment they share resulting in the loss of a security deposit.  Not that it isn’t fun to watch, but c’mon folks, can’t we just hug it out?
    Travis Cain’s BFF figures  are so dang popular that we are ushering in series number 4!  Each toy consists of two pieces that fit seamlessly together to form one cohesive unit of drama.  They know they’re bad for each other, but they just can’t stay away. Sold blind boxed style, the duo you get will be a surprise, but the “I told you so” they all have coming shouldn’t shock anyone. They are all pretty cute together though, aren’t they?
For more delightful combinations like this by Kidrobot x Travis Cain be sure to check out the Travis Cain page on www.kidrobot.com!

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