Yummy World Small Ice Cream Chipwich Plush

$ 5.99

Ice cream with chocolate chip cookies?? Swwweeeeeettt!  Ice cream chipwich plushie pal??  Even Sweeter!  Yummy World is sweeter with Nelly the Ice Cream Chipwich plush.  With approximately 4 inches of soft and smiley chipwich goodness, you will want to take this ice cream plushie with you everywhere.  Coming with an attached elastic loop, you can hang this plush anywhere!  Make this holiday a Yummy Yuletide by using these Yummy World small plush pals as Christmas Tree Ornaments and plush gift toppers!  This Ice Cream Chipwich plush toy is the perfect addition to your Yummy World collection.


With signature "googley" eyes and a dashed smile, Yummy World brings life to baked goods, fruits, vegetables, and beyond. Yummy World is a reminder that life is sweet, salty, and most of all, delicious. Yummy World is an exclusive Kidrobot brand and comes in plush versions, keychains, vinyl mini figures and even purses, clutches and bags!  Make your world yummy today!

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