Yummy World Fate Fortune Cookie Plush

Worried about your future?  Fate or fortune?  How about both with the new Fate the Fortune Cookie plush.  This 11-inch tall cookie plushie is one of the newest Yummy World residents and can predict your yummy future.  Designed using high quality soft plush fabric and featuring the signature Yummy World eyes and dashed smile, this plush is sure to bring you good fortune.  Don't leave it to chance, get Fate the Fortune Cookie plush today and sleep better knowing Fate is on your side. 

This medium Yummy World plush measures 11 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

Yummy World by Kidrobot


Yummy World is the softer side of the iconic Kidrobot brand featuring a selection of deliciously unique and trendy Yummy World plush toys, soft plush food pillows, collectible vinyl keychains, collectible mini figures, food plushies and more.  Yummy World is loved by everyone from celebrities to fashionistas to kids and parents. Jump into Yummy World and start collecting today!

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