Yummy World Mimi Milk Carton Plush - Small Breakfast in Bed Plushies

$ 5.99

There are few things better than breakfast in bed, and Yummy World’s newest small plushie residents Sunny the Egg, Bo Bacon, Ollie and the Yummy O’s, Cindy the Cinnamon Roll, Patrick the Toaster Pastry and Mimi Milk Carton couldn’t agree more! Mimi Milk Carton loves to hang out with her best friends Ollie and the Yummy O’s! Mimi Milk Carton worries too much – known for spilling her feelings all over Sprinkle Tree, it usually takes a few friends to help her out and remind her it’s no use crying over!


Yummy World is the softer side of the iconic Kidrobot brand featuring a selection of deliciously unique and trendy Yummy World plush toys, soft plush food pillows, collectible vinyl keychains, collectible mini figures, food plushies and more.  Yummy World is loved by everyone from celebrities to fashionistas to kids and parents. Jump into Yummy World and start collecting today!

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