Yukky World Leif Spinach Small Food Plush Ornament

Not everything in this world is sugar and spice and everything nice, sometimes it’s just downright Yukky! These not so friendly foods are here to start a food fight by invading your plush collections and making things just a little bit icky. Meet Leif Spinach, a spinach plush with a punch.  This small Yukky World plush guy comes with a elastic band to hang on your bag, rearview mirror or to make your Christmas tree yucky as Christmas Tree Ornaments.  If you don't need it, remove it to set Jonah Mold free.

Collect all the Yukky World plush including Leif Spinach, Ol Blue, Brock, Jonah Mold, Slippery Pete and Russell Sprout.  These guys may be in a small 3 inch tall package but bring some extra-large attitude to anything that needs to be Yukky! Collect all 6 today and get ready for a food fight!