Your favorite heroes on the half-shell have gone soft with the all new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Phunny plushes.

Donatello: Donatello takes a break from inventing clever machines to fight the Foot Clan and reinvents himself — as a 7-inch Phunny plush with embroidered details. Freed from the endless grind of good versus evil, he can finally enjoy the simple pleasures of being soft and cute. Still a turtle, though.

Leonardo: Who’d have guessed that underneath his hard exterior, Leonardo was 7 inches of adorable Phunny plush? Take this rare opportunity to give the courageous leader of the Ninja Turtles a big hug… while he’s not sewer-scented. 

Michelangelo: You’d normally find Michelangelo deep in the sewers, prank calling local pizza parlors between rounds of putting the damage to the Foot Clan. But even Ninja Turtles need a break, and as a soft and cuddly Phunny plush, Mikey promises no damage… aside from the slow soul-crush of being forced to watch Wayne’s World every night.

Rafael:  Even bad-boy Raphael is exploring his softer side as a huggable Phunny plush… but don’t push it. No dressing him up, no cutesy selfies, and if you need to say anything about how adorable he is, phrase it in the form of a quote from a Scorsese movie. 

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