Giant 4 Foot Yummy World French Fries Plush

$ 650.00

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After moving warehouses, we found a limited number of Giant 4 Foot Yummy World French Fries Plush! What better time than the Kidrobot 2021 Virtual Con for some SURPRISE DROPS!  Once they sell out, they are gone for good.  First to complete check out get them!

Noooo, you're not seeing things... These fries really are super dooper sized!

You asked for them and now you have your chance to order your Yummy World plush fantasy but only for a limited time!  

Meet the 4 Foot Yummy World Fries! - A GIANT helping of the perfect food, capable of sustaining human life all by themselves, and this huge french fries plushie goes one step further by both having that ability and fulfilling the other basic emotional needs of hugs and snugs and becoming the centerpiece of color and fun not just on Fry-YAY but every day! 100% gluten and salt free! WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLE ASK FOR!??  No really???

Each individual plushie french fry is removable and fun to squeeze!  Don't delay... Get your hands on this 4-foot plush french fries masterpiece only by ordering them right now on!!!

Free Fedex Ground shipping is included with purchase to the 48 continental USA states only.  No non-USA orders.  

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