Futurama Universe X<sup>2</sup> Blind Box Keychains

$ 5.99

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Sweet zombie Jesus! Kidrobot x Futurama is back with an all-new keychain collection to give your keys a little extra wuv! For the first time in 1.5 inches of high quality 3D vinyl, this new collectible Futurama Universe X2 Blind Box Keychain Series includes Universe X versions of Fry, Leela, Bender and Zoidberg as well as one very dapper Lord Nibbler. Each of the 14 keychains comes in a sealed foil bag and blind boxed to preserve the rarity, collectibility and surprise of each keychain unboxing. Even we don't know what is in each blind box. Collect all 14 of these keychains today. Woop Woop Woop!


  • Fry Futurama Keychain - 3/24
  • Fry (Universe X) Keychain - 2/24
  • Leela Futurama Keychain - 5/40
  • Lrrr Futurama Keychain - 2/24
  • ?? - ?/?? (Super Rare Mystery Chase Piece)
  • Zoidberg Futurama Keychain - 2/24
  • ?? - ?/?? (Super Rare Mystery Chase Piece)
  • Metallic Bender Futurama Keychain - 2/24
  • Zoidberg (Universe X) Futurama Keychain - 2/24
  • Nibbler Futurama Keychain - 1/24 (Rare)
  • Leela (Universe X) Futurama Keychain - 3/48
  • Morbo Futurama Keychain - 3/48
  • Fry (Old) Futurama Keychain - 2/24
  • Leela (Old) Futurama Keychain - 2/24

Each quantity ordered equals one blind box figure. To order the display box of blind boxes, order 24 units.

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