Dairobo-B Mecha Half Ray 5" Dunny by Dolly Oblong - Yellow Edition

$ 49.99

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Not all Dunnys are created equal. Breaking free from the organic confines of flesh and bone, the new Kidrobot Mecha Half Ray Dunny emerges! Kidrobot offers a glimpse inside the inner workings of the robotic Dunny with the all-new Mecha Half Ray Dunny, featuring artist Dolly Oblong as the first entry on the new form. Dairobo-B joins the 5” Dunny collection as an evolved android extension of the Dairobo-Z 5” Dunny that launched in 2016. For the first time, see the interior of these robotic Dunnys with incredible detail and highly sculpted mechanical elements. 

The Dairobo-B Mecha Half Ray 5" Dunnys emerge in two limited editions with this Yellow Edition and the Kidrobot.com Exclusive Green Edition, limited to 300 pieces worldwide.  Dairobot-B is #16 in the series of 5-inch Dunnys.

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