Blown Away Labbit Series 1 Custom 2.5" Labbit by Josh Mayhem

This brand new limited edition custom series features 2.5-inch, 5-inch and 10-inch Labbit's in Josh's signature "Blown Away" style for the very first time! The Blown Away Labbit has been modified with multiple layers of resin drips and acrylic paints to create a wind swept appearance. Kidrobot and Josh Mayhem have previously partnered together to release several different limited edition Blown Away Custom Series. Available 4/21 @ 10am MST exclusively on Kidrobot.com. 

This Blown Away Labbit Blind Box Series includes one of a kind special chase piece variants unique to this collection.

Variant Names and Ratios:

  • Rainbow Variant: 99/100
  • Gold Rush Variant: 1/100


About Labbit: 

Labbit is a rabbit character created by famed pop artist and Kidrobot Chief Creative Officer, Frank Kozik. First featured in Kozik’s famous nineties rock poster art, the Labbit was brought to life by Kidrobot. As the story goes the character was originally supposed to be a Smoking Rabbit, but the Japanese manufacturer misprinted the packaging to say 'Smorkin Labbit.  From then on it became known as a Labbit.  Most famous in the original smorkin’ labbit variety, Labbit can also be found sporting a handsome ‘Stache and even the occasional beard.  His shape and signature "butthole" remain the same, although his color, facial expression, existence of a mustache or items in his mouth vary. 

Since the beginning of Labbit, there have been hundreds of different versions of the Labbit created in vinyl, plush and printed on apparel.  In 2016, Kidrobot released the first baby Labbits which became known as a Litton.

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