Best Fiends Small Plush

Best Fiends is a critically acclaimed RPG / puzzle social-gaming app for iOS and Android from Seriously, with millions of downloads and active participants every day.

The Best Fiends inhabit Miuntia and live in tranquility until a meteor strike on Mount Boom transforms the Slugs into destructive kidnappers. The Best Fiends journey through Munitia solving puzzles to level up, defeat the Slugs and reunite their families!

Kidrobot faithfully recreates eight of the larval Best Fiends in collectible palm-sized plush featuring embroidered details, but just who are these Best Fiends?!

Bob - Best Fiends - KidrobotBob: "Spot me!" Grumpy ladybug Bob just wants to get back to his family's aphid farm. If he has to take out every slug between here there to make it happen, so be it. Lives in: Strawberry Patch

Gene - Best Fiends - KidrobotGene: "Best foot forward!" Toetapping Gene, the showbiz centipede, was on the road to fame when the Slugs slimed it all up for him. He won't take that lying down! Lives in: Green Glades

Kwincy - Best Fiends - KidrobotKwincy: "More than meets the eyes!" Can a spider be an 'ugly-duckling'? Because inside this big-eyed, big-butted bulldozer, there's a handsome hero waiting to burst out! Lives in: Mellow Flowers

Temper - Best Fiends - KidrobotTemper: "Small mite, big bite!" This masked mite may be small but his courage knows no bounds. He's a pint-sized powerhouse on his way to superhero status! Lives in: Green Glades

JoJo - Best FiendsJoJo: "Spread your wings!" She's gorgeous and glamorous at all times but JoJo the butterfly still packs a mean punch. Haven't you heard about chaos theory? A butterfly flaps its wings and three thousand miles away, it's tornado time! Lives in: Mellow Flowers

Gordon - Best Fiends - KidrobotGordon: "Heart of a lion." Born with a warrior's heart but stuck in the shadow of his formidable father, Gordon the scorpion can't wait to carve out his own legend in the war against the Slugs! Lives in: Strawberry Patch

Edward: "Life is an unending twilight." Poor Edward. Ashamed of his bloodsucking nature, this sensitive and romantic chap gets by on a diet of coconut water which he carries around on his back like scuba gear. Lives in: Dewdrop District

Brittle - Best Fiends - KidrobotBrittle: "Nervous Nelly." Nervous housefly Brittle expects to get splattered at any moment. That's what keeps her moving and gathering up the goodies. Lives in: Glowshroom Garden

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