Batman x Kidrobot 3" Blind Box Dunny Figures

$ 11.99

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Kidrobot has teamed up with DC Comics for an all-new mash-up never done before.  Get ready to defend Gotham City with this all-new Batman Dunny Mini Figure Series. This collectible Batman designer toy series features the most iconic versions of Batman as well a span of villains ranging from the movies, TV shows, and comics on the designer art toy DUNNY by Kidrobot.  The Dunny is one of the most iconic collectibles in the world featuring designs by some of the top artists around the world.  With this Dunny series, Kidrobot celebrates the art that has graced comic books, tv shows, and movies for decades.  Each figure ordered comes mystery blind boxed to preserve rarity and collectibility.  Which will you get? Grab your utility belt, collect all 15 Batman figures and complete your Bat Cave collection today!

Collect them all:

  • Batman Figure - 2/24
  • Dark Knight Batman Figure - 2/24
  • Classic Batman Figure- 2/24
  • Robin Figure - 2/24
  • Batgirl Figure - 1/48 (extremely rare chase)
  • Red Hood Figure - 1/24 (rare)
  • The Joker Figure- 3/24
  • Harley Quinn Figure- 3/24
  • Catwoman Figure - 2/24
  • Two-Face Figure - 1/24 (rare)
  • Scarecrow Figure - 1/24 (rare)
  • Penguin Figure - 1/24 (rare)
  • Bane Figure - 2/24
  • Black Mask Figure - 1/24 (rare)
  • Hush Figure - 1/48 (extremely rare chase)

Note: Each quantity equals one blind box character.  To order the display box, order a quantity of 24.

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