Backstab Smorkin Labbit Art Figure (White Version) by Frank Kozik

$ 49.99

This SOLD OUT white version of the Labbit was limited to 550 pieces worldwide.   Kidrobot pulled a few from the vault to offer today.

“With Enemies Like These, Who Needs Friends?"

Kidrobot and San Francisco-based pop artist Frank Kozik brought you the Limited Edition Backstab Smorkin Labbit Art Figure in two collectible colors.  This high-quality vinyl art figure features Frank Kozik's infamous Smorkin Labbit with a removable vinyl knife in his back. Add this limited edition piece to your home today and let the world interpret the meaning behind it.

This vinyl figure measures approximately 8 inches tall including knife accessory height and approximately 7 inches long from butt to tip of cigarette.



Labbit is a smoking, unshaven rabbit character created by legendary pop artist Frank Kozik. Originally featured in Kozik's famous nineties rock poster art, Labbit and his signature butthole were adopted by Kidrobot in 2003. This beloved chain smoker is a born classic. But who cares. Labbit doesn't. Labbit is an exclusive Kidrobot brand. Most famous in the original Smorkin’ Labbit variety, Labbit can also be found sporting a handsome ‘Stache or fun accessories (and even the occasional beard).  

As the story goes it was originally supposed to be a Smokin Rabbit, but the Japanese manufacturer printed it ‘Smorkin Labbit.  Therefore it became known as a Labbit.

Since the beginning of Labbit, there have been hundreds of different versions of the Labbit created in vinyl, plush and printed on apparel. In 2016, Kidrobot released an XL Labbit stuffed with baby Labbits introducing the world to the Litton. Start your Labbit collection today at

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