Adult Swim Blind Box Enamel Pin Series by Kidrobot

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Choosing your favorite Adult Swim show is like choosing your favorite child, it’s a choice no one should have to make. Fear, not Kidrobot and Adult Swim have teamed up for the Adult Swim Enamel Pin Series so you can take your Adult Swim pride with you wherever you go. Featuring the greatest hits from the Adult Swim mini-series and coming in the blind box style Kidrobot is known for, this pin series features Rick & Morty enamel pins, The Venture Bros enamel pins, Robot Chicken enamel pins, Samurai Jack enamel pins, and many more.  These pins add a perfect touch of late-night to any hat, bag, jacket, blazer, or anything else you can stick a pin in. Add all 14 to your collection and show off that your late-night pin game is strong! 

Collect them all:

  • Too Many Cooks: Smarf Enamel Pin - 1/20
  • Rick and Morty: Cromulon Enamel Pin - 1/20
  • The Venture Bros.: The Monarch Enamel Pin - 2/20
  • The Venture Bros.: Brock Samson Enamel Pin - 2/20
  • Rick and Morty: Angry Rick Enamel Pin - 2/20
  • Samurai Jack: AKU Enamel Pin - 1/20
  • Fish Center: Mammoth Enamel Pin - 1/20
  • The Venture Bros.: Dr. Venture Enamel Pin - 1/20
  • Samurai Jack: Samurai Jack Enamel Pin - 2/20
  • Rick and Morty: Morty Enamel Pin - 2/20
  • Bitch Puddin' Enamel Pin - 1/20
  • Robot Unicorn Attack Enamel Pin- 1/20
  • Squidbillies: Early Enamel Pin - 2/20
  • Fish Center: Hamburger Enamel Pin - 1/20

Note: Each quantity equals one blind box enamel pin.  To order the display case, order a quantity of 20.

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