What is a Blind Box?

What is a Blind Box?

A Blind Box is a type of packaging that keeps its contents hidden. They are identical in every way and nobody--including us--knows which toy is inside.

Odds of Finding Figures

Every figure in a series is displayed on the side of the box, along with odds of finding each one. You may also see one or two "chase" figures, which have the lowest odds and are shown in silhouette. Chase figures are super rare and as a result are harder to get than others. Occasionally we include über-mystery figures that aren't even on the box. In the past we've even included hand-made, one-of-a-kind figures by famous artists.

Foil Wrapping

We use foil to wrap the figure so nobody can open the box and get a sneak peek. Also, it prevents people from using high-tech devices to scan the box. Oh, yeah … that has happened.

How to Purchase a Blind Box

If an item says it is a blind assortment, add it to your cart just like any other toy. It will arrive at your house just like any other toy. Open the packaging like you would any other package. It will remain a mystery until you actually open up the box and unwrap the foil, like you would for any other Kidrobot figure you purchased. Happy hunting!