Kidrobot Artist - Sharon Park

Sharon Park was born in Dallas and raised in Denver.  She lives in Denver with her boyfriend, Arnold, and their three dogs, Rikku, Ryu, and Beantz.  Sharon initially pursued a degree in biochemistry, but ultimately decided to embrace her creativity and love for art by completing her BS in Industrial Design at Metropolitan State University of Denver. 

She works as a designer for Kidrobot, where she transforms her passion for all things cute and chubby into tangible goodies for public consumption.  Sharon believes art exists in every aspect of our lives.  Whether it be the food on your plate, the way in which an oversized t-shirt cascades over a booty, the sculptural shadow of an old oak tree, the music of a car speeding off or the music on KS 107.5, Sharon finds inspiration in the ordinary and aims to capture these special moments through her work.  She believes art surrounds us and that as individuals we must use our capacities to create momentum and meaning.  Sharon believes the stupidest ideas can be the greatest ideas.  And that with an eager and open heart, we can transform the things we were meant to see into other things that connect us to not only the world we occupy, but, more importantly, that connect us as humans.

IG: @seouljah0607