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Yummy World Large French Fries Interactive Plush

$ 36.99

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Meet Fernando The Fries! - A giant helping of our favorite comfort treat in French Fries plush toy goodness! Potatoes are the perfect food, capable of sustaining human life all by themselves, and this awesome french fries plush toy goes one step further by both having that ability and fulfilling the other basic emotional needs of hugs and snugs! 100% gluten free! WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLE ASK FOR! Each individual French Fry plush is removal and replaceable due to the wonders of Velcro technology! Thanks NASA! (Even though we all really know its back-engineered alien technology from the Roswell Incident!) I WANT TO BELIEVE-in fries! Celebrate every Friday with a Fry-YAY by welcoming Fernando the French Fries Plush into your life! 

This large plush stands 16 inches tall fries and all.  New and improved fries box design with a soft plush fries box that replaces the best sellers stiff box with a softer box so you can cuddle up all night long.  Makes a great gift for kids and adults alike!

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