Nightly Made: Megan O'Brien

Artist Nightly Made / Megan O'brien Midnight Moon Bat Sweet Fang Edition - Kidrobot

Sugar, spice, & everything night! Megan O'Brien of Nightly Made is a toy maker and illustrator that gives the often deemed “creepy” creatures of the world a cute makeover. While her creations range from spiders to plague doctors, her experience in the wildlife conservation field had a highly misunderstood animal fly into the center of her work: the bat. Read more about Megan and her Midnight Moon Bat in our Q&A on the Kidrobot Blog.

Kidrobot and Martian Toys are excited to introduce you to artist Nightly Made aka Megan O’Brien’s first vinyl art toy, the Midnight Moon Bat. The Midnight Moon Bat, Exclusive Sweet Fang edition will be dropping on Friday, May 3rd 2019 at 10am MST

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