Labbitooth Sabre Tooth Labbit 7" Stuffed Animal Plush by Frank Kozik

Frank Kozik's iconic Labbit goes prehistoric with the "Labbitooth" Happy Labbit 7" plush stuffed animal toy!  The Labbitooth is perched on the very top of the food chain, not mention a pile of it's prey… The Sabre Toothed Labbit is the ultimate predator, and all cower in terror when its roars fill the skies. Give this pre-hipster Labbit a home on your couch, bed, shelf or cuddle in your arms until you can't cuddle anymore.  This 7-inch plushie Labbit features the signature Labbit butthole and is ready to put a smile on your face.


Labbit is a rabbit character created by pop artist Frank Kozik and first featured in Kozik’s iconic nineties rock poster art and brought to life by Kidrobot. Most famous in the original smorkin’ labbit variety, Labbit can also be found sporting a handsome ‘Stache (and even the occasional beard).

Labbit Art Toys - Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

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