"Cute N' Crazy" Happy Labbit Plush Mini Series Ornaments

Are you cute and crazy?  We have the perfect lil plushy for you! The Cute N' Crazy Happy Labbit mini stuffed plush toys are mini plush Labbit critters wearing shiny underwear which makes them so cute and so crazy!!!! All of these Cute N Crazy Happy Labbits come with hang cord to hang these off your backpack, around your rearview mirror or around your wrist.  Make your holiday tree cute N crazy by hanging these these collectible Labbits as Christmas Tree Ornaments!  All of the 1.5" hipster blind box Labbit characters come with the signature butthole and a mustache. 

Collect them all in all the colors.

Note: Each quantity ordered equals 1 random labbit plush. To order a case, order a quantity of 20.

Labbit Art Toys and Plush by Kidrobot x Frank Kozik


Labbit is a rabbit character created by pop artist Frank Kozik and first featured in Kozik’s nineties rock poster art and brought to life by Kidrobot. Most famous in the original smorkin’ labbit variety, Labbit can also be found sporting a handsome ‘Stache (and even the occasional beard).

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