Christmas Pudding 3" Dunny Mini Figure by Kronk - Custard Edition

The Mistletoe has been hung by the chimney with care in hopes that jolly old Kidrobot will soon be there. This holiday season why drink and be merry when you can get straight Kronk? Kidrobot and Kronk have teamed up to make your holiday dreams come true with the Christmas Pudding 3" Dunny. This festive Dunny looks good enough to eat and is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the holidays.  The Christmas Pudding 3" Dunny comes in this exclusive yellow custard color.  This holiday season, get Kronk and get lit!


Kidrobot and South Africa based artist Kronk have a long history together. Kronk (aka Kris Hewitt) has made a huge impact in the designer art toy scene through the years and is now making waves in Cape Town South Africa with Studio Kronk. Over the years Kidrobot has worked with Kronk on projects including the 4th of July inspired Indie Eagle Dunny Art Figure (2018), Hype Death Now, Hype Death Then and Dare Devil Dunnys as part of the The Wild Ones Dunny Art Figure Series (2018),  Christmas Pudding 3" Dunny Art Figures (2017), Love Birds (2012), 8 Deadly Sins Labbit Series (2012), DUNNY - 2012 Dunny Series (2012), DUNNY - 2011 Dunny Series (2011), Killjoy 20” Dunny Art Figure (2011), The Evolved Dunny Series (2013), Tree Hugger Dunny (2009), DUNNY - 2009 Dunny series (2009), The Gingerman Dunny (2007) and various other projects.

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