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Locknesters Interchangeable Puzzle Labbit, No. 2 - Camo Edition

$ 80.00

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Exploring the intersection of toys, art, and architecture, Kidrobot has teamed up again with innovative architect-turned-toy-designer Fleet Hower for a second edition of the exclusive Locknesters Interchangeable Puzzle Labbit in Camo. 

Frank Kozik's iconic Labbit becomes a three-dimensional interlocking puzzle with classic face options that can be swapped out: both Smorkin’ face and Stache face are included. Designed to encourage interaction and conversation, every Locknesters Labbit is truly one-of-a-kind. Every piece is tumbled and finished by hand in Brooklyn, ensuring each one is unique. The complete puzzle/sculpture/toy (have a conversation about what to call it) measures approximately 6 inches long and 5 inches tall.

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Locknesters are a different kind of designer toy. They are the result of a fascination with unconventional geometries and a desire to make toys that encourage interaction. Locknesters could be thought of as three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles, each model can be taken apart and assembled, used as a challenge to friends, a distraction from work, or to liven up a room.

Locknesters are produced in their Brooklyn headquarters using old and new manufacturing techniques. Kidrobot partnered with architect turned designer toymaker and creator of Locknesters, Fleet Hower, to create this incredible piece for Kidrobot fans. Each of these pieces is 3D printed and then smoothed using a series of methods that involve sanding, tumbling, and buffing. The tumbling process makes each piece unique by giving them a striated coloration. As a final step, models are finished with a lacquer spray. 

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