Kidrobot Cyber Monday Vault Sale 2021

Kidrobot Vault Sale 2021 - Cyber Monday

Welcome to the Kidrobot Cyber Monday Vault Sale 2021! To celebrate the holiday season and the end of another year, the elves at Kidrobot are once again cracking open the Vault! Inside, hidden gems have been kept in reserve, waiting for just the right time. The treasures unveiled this year will include a number of rarities, and some signed pieces too! What gifts to delight will be revealed? will drop the Vault Sale Items on Cyber Monday at 10am MT, 12pm MT & 2pm MT!

Note: Due to the limited nature of these items, these will sell quick.  Adding to cart will not reserve the item. First to complete checkout get them.  We will be limiting the number of each piece to one per customer.  Bot & high-risk orders are always cancelled. All sales on are final.