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The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Plush Toys by Kidrobot

$ 12.99

There's something sinister afoot in Springfield, and it's strangely adorable! Kidrobot is proud to present a new line of PHUNNY plush dedicated to America's favorite animated family with The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror plush toys. Collect the 8-inch tall zombie Simpsons plush from the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror series for a cuddly, bloody, and "BRAINS"... Doh! time! This Simpson stuffed toy collection features the Homer Simpson zombie plush, Bart Simpson zombie plush, Lisa Simpson zombie plush, Maggie zombie plush, Marge Simpson zombie plush, Itchy & Scratchy stuffed animal plushies to fulfill your craving for zombie goodness. Collect all 7 of these Treehouse of Horror plushies while you still can!

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Love The Simpsons?  We do to!  Kidrobot has been the designer toy partner of Matt Groening's the Simpsons and Fox shows for over 10 years with some of the most collectible Simpsons toys, mini figure series, plush and limited edition collectible releases out there.  Shop The Simpsons x Kidrobot Collection now at

Kidrobot Phunny Horror PlushWelcome your favorite creep into your home and guarantee you won't spend the night alone! Kidrobot is excited to introduce some new friends to the PHUNNY plush collection, a line of sinisterly squeezable 8-inch plush. Full of creeps, monsters, and frights softened to huggable absurdity, PHUNNY plushies use Kidrobot’s legendary quality and warped worldview to shake-up the plushie stuffed animal toy world! These aren't normal stuffed animals, they are PHUNNY!

Shop the full PHUNNY plush collection at today and surround yourself with cuddly plush creepers.

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