Ghostbusters x Kidrobot Plush Toys & Collectibles -

Everyones favorite paranormal fighting team, the Ghostbusters, have been brought to life in plush form by the premiere creator of limited edition art toys and collectibles, Kidrobot.Ā  These high quality Ghostbusters plushiesĀ are ready to haunt and slime up your life in the most cuddly way possible with a variety of spooktacularĀ versionsĀ and sizesĀ including the 8-inch Ghostbusters logo plush, a 16-inch Stay Puft Marshmallow Man plush toy HugMe and the 16-inch tall Ghostbusters Slimer HugMe Vibrating Plush which shakes when you hug him!Ā  Shop the best Ghostbusters plush collectibles right now at