Gary Baseman

Ahwroo Art Figure by Gary Baseman - Metallic Kidrobot Exclusive

Los Angeles-based artist Gary Baseman explores the “beauty of the bittersweetness of life” through painting, performance, illustration, toy design, film, and fashion. Known for his raw style and humor, he created the Emmy and BAFTA award-winning series “Teacher’s Pet,” and designed the visual identity for the best-selling board game Cranium. Recent projects include a collaboration with COACH, a documentary film “Mythical Creatures,” and exhibitions of his fine art around the globe.

Baseman’s early toy designs include Toby (2005) that could only be purchased in a fine art gallery, and the characters Dumb Luck (2003), Hotchachacha (2006), and the Dunces (2004) – all masterfully designed and packaged by Critterbox to blur the lines between fine art and toy design. Kidrobot has worked with Gary Baseman on past art toy releases including the Midnight Magi (2009), High Priest of Toby (2011), and Toby’s Secret Society (2011). Opening night of the Kidrobot store in Santa Monica in 2004 featured a major toy release and signing with Gary Baseman.  Recently Kidrobot x Gary Baseman released the sold-out exclusive Ahwroo Metallic Art Figure by Gary Baseman.

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