Kibbles 'n Labbits Dog Blind Box Vinyl Mini Series

Bark Bark! Everyone loves dogs, right?  Frank Kozik's pop art creation, Labbit is headed to the doghouse with Kidrobot’s collectible Kibbles 'n Labbits Blind Box Vinyl Mini Series! This high quality vinyl LABBIT mini figure series is inspired by all of your favorite dog breeds. Corgis, Pugs, Poodles, Shiba Inu and more! Each of these vinyl art figure comes packaged in a foil bag and sealed blind box to preserve the rarity, collectibility and surprise with every opening.  Which ones will you get? Complete your LABBIT dog yard and collect all the doggies today at

COLLECT THEM ALL - Ratios and Rarity Below:

  • Dalmation Labbit - 4/40
  • Pug Labbit - 4/40
  • Corgi Labbit - 4/40
  • Beagle Labbit - 4/40
  • Sheep Dog Labbit - 4/40
  • Shiba Inu Labbit - 2/40 (Rare)
  • Bulldog Labbit - 2/40 (Rare)
  • Boston Terrier - 2/40 (Rare)
  • Bermese Mountain Dog Labbit - 2/40 (Rare)
  • Australian Shepard Labbit - 2/40
  • Dachshund Labbit - 1/40 (Extremely Rare Chase)
  • Cat Labbit - 1/40 (Extremely Rare Chase)

Each quantity ordered equals one blind box Labbit figure.  To order a case pack, order a quantity of 20.



Labbit is a rabbit character created by famed pop artist and Kidrobot Chief Creative Officer, Frank Kozik. First featured in Kozik’s famous nineties rock poster art, the Labbit was brought to life by Kidrobot. As the story goes the character was originally supposed to be a Smoking Rabbit, but the Japanese manufacturer misprinted the packaging to say 'Smorkin Labbit.  From then on it became known as a Labbit.  Most famous in the original smorkin’ labbit variety, Labbit can also be found sporting a handsome ‘Stache and even the occasional beard.  His shape and signature "butthole" remain the same, although his color, facial expression, existence of a mustache or items in his mouth vary. Shop Labbit now!


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