The Odd Ones 3" Blind Box Dunny Series by Scott Tolleson

Gather ‘round ghouls and gals! Kidrobot and Scott Tolleson have a new collaboration just in time for Halloween! We are excited to present you with The Odd Ones Dunny Series. The Odd Ones features timeless monsters and creeps for a spooky treat! Grab a Dunny today before they vanish forever!

Collect them all:

  • Ghoulie Jill - 2/20
  • Hopper the Cereal Killer - 2/20
  • Gnaw the Hellhound - 2/20
  • Argh Barber - 2/20
  • Bugga Bugga - 2/20
  • Francis - 2/20
  • Blargo - 3/40
  • Ghoulie Jack - 3/40
  • Almost Invisible Man - 3/40
  • Lucyfur - 1/20
  • Howie Philips - 1/20
  • Argyle Warrior - 1/40
  • Professor Heckle - 3/80
  • ?? Chase - 1/80

NOTE: To order a full case, order a quantity of 20 blind boxes.

Watch the Unboxing Videos:

About Scott Tolleson:

Scott Tolleson and Kidrobot have collaborated on many projects, including the recently released Imperial Lotus Dragon Dunny which has been nominated for Toy of the Year 2016.

Scott has been interested in toys and art since he was a child growing up in Atlanta, GA. At 16, he moved to Southern California, where he eventually attended Cal State Fullerton and earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Illustration. Since 1998, Scott has worked for the Walt Disney Company in Entertainment Productions where he has designed pieces for various parades, venues and merchandise.

Scott has also been busy outside of Disney. He is happiest when he is working on multiple projects. Past productions include the Tricycle Terror, Big Rollin' Rascal, Deadbeet, Kookie No Good, Otis & Otto and his recent line of original characters featuring Malicus & Trayjus. Scott also created the Nosellots plush line in 2011 which features 5 original characters. He has collaborated with a variety of companies including: Kidrobot, Google, Skybound, October Toys, Freak Store, Toy2R, 3dRetro, Topps, Clutter, Mighty Jaxx & Pobber. Currently, Scott is designing Walking Dead & Invincible blind box series for Skybound.

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