Autumn Stag 20" Dunny Art Figure by Gary Ham

$ 650.00

After a sell-out of the Kidrobot.com exclusive grey Autumn Stag, Kidrobot is getting into the full swing of things with artist Gary Ham’s Autumn Stag 20” Dunny! Based on Gary’s whimsical design for the Kidrobot Designer Toy Awards Dunny Series, the Autumn Stag has sprouted from a 3” mini Dunny figure into a full-grown 20-inch tall Autumn Stag Dunny Art Figure you’ll be sure to fall in love with. 

The Autumn Stag 20” Dunny Art Figure comes with swingable action and three perfectly pink 5” Dunny “birds” to settle into their perch! This statement piece is a limited edition of 120 pieces worldwide.


With a deft hand and a keen eye for character, Gary Ham is quickly establishing himself as a unique voice in the pop and toy art world. His characters and illustrations evoke a bold, 1960s animation style of delivery while still maintaining a modern sensibility.

His ability to present the appeal of nostalgia without relying on the past is uncanny, and fine art collectors are just as eager to snap up his work as toy collectors.

Gary Ham is a quick-witted artist who allows us to “ooo and awe” at his adorable renderings of everyday animals and beyond! Host of the Marsha Toy Hour and creator of the Designer Toy Awards Exclusive Dunnys, we have had the pleasure of working with Gary Ham for years and can’t wait for more!

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