Looney Tunes 3" Blind Box Mini Series

Kidrobot and Warner Bros. have teamed up to release a full capsule based on the classic animated series, Looney Tunes.

“Between the years of 1930 -1968, a small ramshackle structure hidden in the very back of the Warner Bros. studio lot unleashed a cavalcade of riot and delight upon an unsuspecting world. Looney Tunes was unlike anything ever made before or since. Kidrobot is proud to present a full cast of your favorite cartoon heroes and anti-heroes from Bugs to Pepe LePew for your collecting pleasure.” said Frank Kozik, Creative Director of Kidrobot, on the creation of the Looney Tunes capsule.

The capsule includes this Looney Tunes 3” Blind Box Mini Series, a Looney Tunes Keychain Series and a Limited Edition Mark Dean Veca Tweety Bird Art Toy.

NOTE: The title 3-ASSRT means a 3" Figure, assorted. The price of $11.99 is for one blind box. 

1 Case = 20 Blind Boxes

Collect them all (Ratio=Chance of getting figure):

  • Yosemite Sam - 2/20
  • Porky Pig - 2/20
  • Bugs Bunny - 2/20
  • Foghorn Leghorn - 2/20
  • Tweety Bird - 2/20
  • Wile E. Coyote - 1/20
  • Daffy Duck - 2/20
  • Taz - 2/20
  • Pepe Le Pew - 1/20
  • Roadrunner - 1/20
  • Sylvester - 1/20
  • Marvin the Martian - 2/20

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