KRAK 8" Dunny by Scott Tolleson - Exclusive Plasma Stone Edition

$ 75.00

Reminiscent of his 2018 sell-out 3” Shard Dunny, Scott Tolleson expands on his theme of crystalline structures with the new KRAK 8” Dunny Art Figure. The clear shell of this Dunny serves as a window to the complex structure within – revealing angular and jagged rock-like formations that are more often found in caves than art toys. Don’t miss out on this highly collectible addition to the ever-expanding shelled Dunny procession. This KRAK 8-inch Dunny - Plasma Stone edition features a green glow in the dark features inside a transparent purple shell. Limited to 400 pieces.

"The Krak design was inspired by the Shard design which was originally a design that was going to be in The Odd Ones blind box series. With designing Krak I wanted to do something a little different than I what I usually do. Typically, I like to go pretty heavy on graphics, decals, etc. to support either a basic sculpt. My goal for this one was to have the sculpt be strong enough to not need any graphic assistance. Instead, the translucent material would support the sculpt. I like the way light can interact with faceted clear objects. So with this piece I think the lighting in which you display the piece is important. I'm excited to see this piece come to life and hope Kidrobot fans will enjoy it as well!"

- Scott Tolleson


Kidrobot has worked with Los Angeles based artist & 20 year veteran designer for Disney, Scott Tolleson, on many award winning designer art toys over the years. At the Walt Disney Company Scott Tolleson has designed countless pieces for Disney attractions, parades, venues and merchandise.

Outside of designing for Disney, Scott Tolleson's passion for designing art toys has earned him world-wide recognition in the designer toy scene including being named Artist of the Year at the Designer Toy Awards. Kidrobot is proud to call Scott Tolleson a close friend and brought his art to life in vinyl, resin and print including recent projects like the City Cryptid Dunny Series and My Little Pizza project with his daughters. Past projects include The Shard Dunnys, Krampus 5" Dunny Art Figures, King Howie 8" Dunny Art Figures, the comic con exclusive King Howie 3" Dunny Figure, Pipken Preppy Labbit Art Figures, The Odd Ones Dunny Mini Art Figure Series, the award winning Imperial Lotus Dragon 8" Dunnys and many more.  Collect this imaginative and award winning artists newest designer art toy creations right now at

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