Arcane Divination 5" Gabriel Archangel Dunny Marbled Art Figure by J*RYU

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“Let my clarion call strike fear into evil’s heart, I watch keenly over those who desire to lead us unto an unjust path, for I am the guardian and the herald."

The archangel Gabriel arrives to counter the presence of darkness within man, by leading those who seek the light into understanding and salvation. This ethereal being stands counter to those demonic forces who seek to confuse and misdirect and offers salvation to those who are in need of healing. It is up to us all to determine what direction we go, and the methods in which we attain our goals, thus the ongoing battle between Demons and Angels rages on for all eternity.

Designed as an accompanying piece to the 5-inch Azazel Demon Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser and the Arcane Divination Collection, the 5-inch Gabriel Archangel Dunny by J*RYU arrives to provide balance and harmony against discord and malcontent. Featuring a beautifully sculpted angel upon a crumbling facade, the 5” Gabriel Dunny stands watch and offers solace to all that seek peace.

The high-quality vinyl Gabriel Archangel Dunny comes in two limited-edition versions, a SOLD OUT Exclusive stone version, limited to 350 pieces worldwide, and this Grey & Gold Marbled version, limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.


Los Angeles artist, Jesse R. Yu (aka J★RYU), is an award-winning and visionary artist whose works are focused on exploring the themes of life and death and more intriguingly, what lies beyond.  Kidrobot has worked with J*RYU on various designer art toys that strive to connect with and convey a universal story that connects to people regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity. 

Kidrobot released the “It’s A FAD” Dunny Art Figure (2015) designed by JRYU in 8-inch and 20-inch versions.  The 20-inch version was awarded a Designer Toy Award in 2016.  In 2017, Kidrobot released a collection curated and art directed by J*RYU named Arcane Divination.  This collection was built on the theme of mysticism and Tarot cards and featured individual Dunny designs for each Tarot card by artists including JRYU, Tokyo Jesus, GODMACHINE, Camilla D’Errico and Jon-Paul Kaiser.  The SOLD OUT 3-inch Arcane Divination Dunny figure series was well received by fans and critics popular and was awarded Best Mini Series at the 2018 Designer Toy Awards.  Central to this series was the Clairvoyant Dunny Art Figure designed by JRYU that instantly SOLD OUT across multiple versions released.  Kidrobot has announced plans for a new Arcane Divination series to continue with Tarot cards not included in the first series.

Jesse’s artwork has been featured in galleries around the world, including events like Coachella Music Festival and Art Basel Miami.  Prior to his career in fine art, Yu spent 15 years in the corporate world as the owner of a design consultancy firm, working for clients such as Marvel, Sony, Columbia Pictures and more.  Browse art toys designed by JRYU at and stay tuned for information regarding future releases.

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