about our toys

Where are these toys made? How are factory conditions?

The majority of our toys are made in China. When we started to produce toys, our President and Founder, Paul Budnitz, visited many of the factories that made toys at the time and chose who we worked with based on conditions of the factory and the way their employees were treated. We were pleased to find the quality of the toys seemed to directly correlate to the working conditions at the factory. This made it an easy choice to make the best toys with the best factories in China. We make visits to the manufacturing facilities to confirm that good conditions are upheld.

What is difference between ABS plastic and Vinyl? Why do they look different?

ABS and vinyl feel and look different because of the material they're made from. There are pros and cons to each, and the decision of which material to use is always decided between the artist and the production team. We balance the artistic and the practical to create the best realization of the toy design.

Vinyl is actually very malleable, which makes it great for asymmetrical and unique shapes. Since the material is so soft, it's very susceptible to heat and can change shape easily when exposed to certain elements (see "Why does vinyl sometimes cave in?"). Because it is so malleable, each figure differs slightly in production. For this reason, sometimes it will look like there is a printing mistake on a figure when, in fact, it is the shape that is slightly altered, distorting the print.

When a design requires very fine and complicated printing, we use injection molded ABS, which is hard, rigid, and more consistent. As a result, printing and registration can be done with less variation from piece to piece.

Why does vinyl sometimes cave in?

Vinyl is soft, susceptible to heat and, in some cases, air pressure. If a figure is kept in a window where the sun shines or near a radiator, the heat can deform the original shape. We have also found that if a vinyl figure takes a trip on a depressurized plane, the figure can cave in unless it has a ventilation hole (a small hole to allow air to pass in and out of).

Remember, our toys are works of art! Treat them with love and respect!

How are blind assortment boxes packed? Why can't I be guaranteed one in every display box?

When the toys are produced, the factories use the same odds ratio found on the box. Toys are packaged in blind boxes and the factories pack a random assortment of these blind boxes into every display case, taking care to ensure even distribution.

Because this process is randomized, every display box may not contain every figure, especially the rare ones. There's no way to make certain you get every figure in a display box. Then again, if you could, that would take away all the fun!

Does Kidrobot make their toys from safe materials and paints?

Yes. We periodically conduct third party testing of our toys to ensure product safety. Our materials and paints are tested for lead as well hundreds of other toxic elements.

The paints and plastics used in Kidrobot toys pass strict safety standards, including: U.S. ASTM F963-08 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety and European Standard on Safety of Toys EN71 Part 3. All of our products geared towards children (anyone 12 and under) also conform to the CPSC's recently passed legislation: CPSIA 2008.

Please note, however, regardless of the results of these tests, that not all Kidrobot products are safe for children. For your reference, we always indicate the appropriate age group on product packaging.